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Quantum Leap Golf is a brain game

Ultra-QLG is comprised of 3 Levels

To progress to Level 2 you first complete Level 1, and so on.

Level 1: Training for the Conscious Mind (in 3 parts)

  1. Controlling and directing your thinking
  2. Defining your golfing vision
  3. Preparing for performance

The purpose of this course is to begin equipping you with the mental skill-sets that will enable performance at the limit of your capabilities, and beyond. i.e ultra-performance.

Below is your Course Overview detailing the background, thinking and foundations of our approach.

Level 1 is a 4 week coaching and training course. Course fees: $800


In golf many factors are outside of your control.

Your mind however is the one thing that you can control.

And Mind Control is the one thing that will make all the difference to your golfing performance.

The 3 Elements of Mind Control

1. Control your thoughts: during the course of a round of golf you will think many 1,000’s of thoughts. Our aim is to remove thinking from your game that introduces doubt, fear, frustration etc and over-write it with thinking that promotes performance. 

2. Control your reactions: your ability to put negative thoughts out of your mind when it starts going wrong – that’s what separates the best from the rest. Mind Control is the key to staying calm in stressful situations – Relax-Review-Refocus.

3. Control your internal dialogue: every single word and thought that you voice to yourself has an effect on your performance. It is ultra-important that I help you develop your ability to encourage and coach yourself through every moment and challenge of the round.

With these 3 Elements of Mind Control you begin taking your performance to a new level.

The bigger your goals the more Mind Control you will need, here the fun begins.


In my experience the dedicated amateur golfer seeks to enjoy progress, lower scores, better play and consistency at a higher level.

It is for you to define your vision for the future and set the targets you wish to achieve. But keep in mind that there are few real limitations, except the ones you set up in your own mind.

With that in mind, we set your first target: to remove 5 shots from your average round score.

The next step is to put a plan in place to make that happen. In week 2 we cover the following subjects in detail:

  • Course Planning
  • Course Strategy
  • Hole surveying for success

Back to Mind Control…

With the objective clearly defined we loop back to CONTROL. Put simply, you match your thinking to the outcome you desire.

In the ideal scenario you would only every focus on/think about/enjoy all the good things on course and with your game (Defined in Week 2), plus all the skills you have to make it happen (Defined in Week 1). You would never give a single thought to the things you wish to avoid, or doubt your ability to carry out your purpose.

‘You never really get there but it’s a wonderful journey’ – Tiger Woods on perfection.

To aid you in YOUR journey we have a simple 3 Point Plan to implement The 3 Elements of Mind Control.

Here the real challenge begins: to focus and control your thinking. The more focused and controlled your thinking becomes, the more ultra-performance you will experience.


To prepare you for performance, in week 4 we introduce Mental Rehearsal.

Even just 20 minutes focused mental rehearsal every other day and you’ll be amazed at the difference when the pressure comes on.

The process involves imagining situations you’ll meet, decisions you’ll take and actions you’ll make. Mentally planning your choices and focusing your mind on rehearsing doing what you plan to do, i.e. playing at your best and beyond.

Here are just a few of the possibilities.

  • Develop confidence by reviewing past successes and achievements.
  • Visualise yourself performing skills correctly and achieving your target score.
  • Rehearse your entire course plan with a full mental run-through of all the shots you plan to make.
  • Conquer problem holes by designing the perfect way to play the hole (Surveys from Week 2) and then mentally rehearsing your success.
  • Review performance, compartmentalise errors, remove past mistakes and rebound.

Mental rehearsal (alone) has the potential to transform your game. See Major James Nesmeth example here.


In week 4 we review your progress and fine-tune the application of you new mental skill-sets.

We also have a bonus extra that will enable you to perform even better. 


Under pressure your stress levels rise and breathing often becomes shallow (without you even noticing), some golfers even hold their breath.

A fully oxygenated body and brain is crucial for Ultra-Performance. But there’s more to it than that.

At those times when thoughts begin to race, breathing can be used to control the mind and minimise the effects of pressure and stress.

In week 4 we will cover the following subjects:

  • Oxygenating your body for performance.
  • Controlling stress levels and emotions.
  • Clearing, preparing and focusing your mind during play.
  • Enhancing focus during mental rehearsal.

This ultra-important aspect of your game has many practical applications.

During our coaching relationship together we’ll find all the right applications for you and your game.

Course content and format

The course content is applied differently for everyone, depending on individual needs. Level 1 consists of 3 parts:

  1. Controlling and directing your thinking
  2. Defining your golfing vision
  3. Preparing for performance

There are 3 elements to each part:

  • Theory
  • Thought exercises
  • Practical application

3 Step Process (building our working relationship)

All my coaching results have been achieved using this format.

  1. Phone Seminar: Covering the course content detailed above and supported with written course notes. Talk, learn and discuss how to apply it to your game.
  2. Agree our (Part 1) plan.
  3. Work the plan: Exercises delivered by email and supported as needed.
  4. Repeat the process for each part of the course.

Sometimes we may need to speak more often. Rest assured you too will get all the help and support you need.

Level 1 is a 4 week coaching and training course. Course fees: $800

Ultra-Performance Golf

Ultra-QLG is a ground-up, foundations first, comprehensive and systematic approach to developing the strongest brain game possible.

The purpose of this course (Level 1 – Mind Control) is to begin equipping you with the mental skill-sets that will enable performance at the limit of your capabilities, and beyond. i.e ultra-performance.

The question is: how far would YOU like to take YOU?

Who is Ultra-QLG for?

QLG is for experienced golfers who have given years, even decades of dedication to the technical disciplines of your game. It is for golfers who love the game and want to get better in every way.

If what you read here resonates with you, if you’re up for the challenge, if you’re looking to test your limits. If that sounds like you, you are most welcome to join me and experience the QLG 5 Star Treatment for yourself.

ultra: “at the limits of your capabilities and beyond” also used to mean “carrying to the furthest degree possible”

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