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Quantum Leap Golf: Built with you and for you

“In my experience, it seems the more you care the worse you play and the less you care the better you play. If you truly don’t care at all, then you play terrific. But then you can’t take any pleasure in playing terrific, because you don’t care. What do I have to do to get any pleasure out of this game?”

It’s amazing what you find out when you ask.

That’s why we always ask.

In fact it’s the bed rock of our approach. We’re always in close consultation with golfers, just like you.

Which means our Programmes are designed with you and for you, and address the things closest to your heart.

The Break Through Programme

In the beginning there was no Break Through Programme.

We tried to coach our ‘No Swing Thoughts Golf’ straight away. But before we could get to that, golfers wanted to know how to solve more pressing problems.

These were some of the issues raised by golfers like you. Maybe you recognise them?

  • How do I play the shot in front of me. Not thinking about the next or the last. Just the one in front of me?
  • How can I learn to step up to the ball and shut my mind off?
  • How can I overcome negative thoughts under pressure?
  • How come I keep three putting and getting nervous when it’s a par or birdie putt?
  • My trend this season was to stink it up on the way in and turn a 70 into 75. How do I re balance myself and close out my good rounds?

That’s how The Break Through Programme began. You told us you needed it, so we made it.

But for us that’s just the beginning. Firm and solid foundations.

Progress Curves and Quantum Leaps

The progress curves and other graphs you see in our website are based on detailed surveys.

So the graphs and curves you see are very accurate, and become even more so, as we gather more information.

As for the Quantum Leap Graph: that’s based on actual results achieved by golfers that are using our Programmes to tap into their True Potential.

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