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There's a line in golf. And it comes sooner than you think.

You have to be good to get this this point.

But if you don't cross the line, it might be as good as you get.

Swing Thoughts ‘vs’ Trust

The first part of your progress curve is like a learning curve take-off ramp. During this phase you learn to play the game.

Through understanding, analysis and repetition you equip yourself with the skills you need to excel at golf.

But when the time comes, you have to take-off. And it comes a lot sooner than you might think.

The key is to stop instructing and instead develop the ability to show and give a clear signal.

Show and Tell - what's the difference?

The subconscious brain is your body's operating system.

It learns through repetition, and it takes time to learn. But after that it responds to a clear instructions.

You stop TELLING yourself how to do it and start SHOWING yourself what you want to happen.

Show and Tell – it makes all the difference

It's like riding a bike.

To begin with you have to tell yourself how to do it.

But once you've learned, all you do is say where you want to go.

Simple. Little thinking, practically no instructions. And meantime you just enjoy the ride.

Golf is much more complex than riding a bike, but the same rules apply.

Swing Thoughts. Like the bike, it’s how you learn but it’s not how you achieve your True Potential.

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