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A.P. O’Neill: Founder of QLG

Coaching and Brain Training for Quantum Leaps in Performance

While watching the 2018 Masters, I informed friends about my plans to coach golfers to new levels of performance. They didn’t doubt me, but they asked: how?

It’s hard to explain I told them. How about I just show you instead…

Within the week, the wheels were in motion. Within the month, I was coaching my first golfer – himself a PGA Professional with over 35 years experience in the game. Two weeks later Ryan was playing his best golf in recent memory, and within the month together we’d transformed his game by every measure possible.

I am proud to say that I’ve since gone on to successfully transform the game of every single golfer that I’ve ever worked with.

Coaching and Training is like golf. You have to have the tools – the skills, the knowledge and the experience. How did I come by mine you ask?

Magician to Golf Coach (in many difficult steps)

At the start of QLG I declared openly that ‘I was a Magician re-purposing his skills’. I also declared that ‘I believed I had something special to give to the game’ – and time has shown that to be correct.

My first love in magic were the technical disciplines of legerdemain, but it wasn’t too long before I discovered the magic of the mind. And I have no words that would adequately describe that to you. The best I can say is that (when I first started) it was so amazing that I couldn’t believe it myself – and I was the one doing it.

As I advanced further and deeper I perhaps discovered the very secrets of life (certainly a deeper understanding), and these secrets are too profound to be frittered away on entertainment. I soon began coaching people (met through my performances) to achieve their personal dreams, and in the process, began to hone my skills and learn my craft.

So in 2018 when I announced my goal of coaching golfers to new levels of performance – it was no idle pipe dream – I’d been preparing for years.

When I share the details and my approach with my golfing clients, I am often told that my concepts and philosophies transcend golf and can be utilised in virtually every walk of life. I believe that to be true, however I have always loved golf, still do and always will.

Inspiring, coaching and enhancing my clients golfing experience is my chosen profession and my sole focus.

Brief history and QLG update

The last few years have been spent well; working with golfers and developing the QLG PHASE 3 ONLINE Coaching Programme.

PHASE 3 Coaching is based upon The 10 Essential Elements. These are undeniable mental skills that enable you to gain Mastery over your Mind and become a more Complete Golfer in every way. Including but not limited to: enhanced quality of play, lower scores and a more enjoyable golfing experience.

To give you a flavour: we have one gentleman golfer that was averaging 90 shots/round off the short tees, and could just as easily card mid 90’s. Since joining the Programme he’s recorded a best round of 79, he’s now also playing off the longer tees. So dropping 10 shots under more demanding conditions – and the punch line is – he’s 70 years old.

Who is QLG for?

If what you read here resonates with you, if you’re up for the challenge and looking to test your limits – maybe we’re right for each other.

QLG is for golfers who see what I see and are looking to develop a working relationship with me (A.P. O’Neill) and together apply QLG to your game.

If that sounds like you, you are most welcome to join me and experience the QLG 5 Star Treatment for yourself.

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