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Quantum Leap Golf is a brain game

Ultra-QLG: Performance at the limit of your capabilities and beyond


ultra: “at the limits of your capabilities and beyond” also used to mean “carrying to the furthest degree possible”

Golf is a brain game

The great Jack Nicklaus says golf is 80% mental, 10% ability and 10% luck. Arnold Palmer said it was 90% mental, but added that you sure as hell better have the other 10%.

Tiger Woods: I calm myself down and use my mind as my main asset. Mr Bobby Jones: the most important inches are the ones between your ears.

Gary Player: golf is a brain game and the man with the best mind wins.

In golf you compete against yourself, against your own potential.

Ultra-Performance is producing at a level of performance that is ‘Ultra’ for you. i.e. at the limits of your capabilities and beyond.

Ultra-QLG has 3 Levels

To progress to Level 2 you first complete Level 1, and so on.

Level 1: Training for the Conscious Mind (in 3 parts)

  1. Controlling and directing your thinking
  2. Defining your golfing vision
  3. Preparing for performance

Level 1 is a 4 week coaching and training course.

Below is your Course Overview detailing the background, thinking and foundations of our approach.


Your golfing performance begins on the inside (in your brain), the outside (what happens) is simply a reflection of what’s going on between your ears.

The importance of this cannot be overstated: the quality of your golfing performance is the sum total of all your thoughts, beliefs, perceptions and expectations about your performance.

To take your game to another level we must start on the inside. First learning to notice the thoughts you think, then learning to direct and control your thoughts towards the golf you desire.


When defining the golf you desire, think in terms of a vision.

An on-going development, with goals along the way as check-points that indicate success. Then set new goals and extend your vision further into the future; 5, 10, 20, 40 years.

The bigger your goal vision the more mind power and control you will need. Here the fun begins.

There are few real limitations (as I will demonstrate to any and all that are willing, ready, able and committed), except the ones you set up in your own mind, or allow others to set up for you.

Precisely define exactly what you desire from your game and what you’re willing to give for it.

Make the plan, commit yourself and move to Part 3.

Before we go on: A JIGSAW ANALOGY

For explanation purposes we talk in parts and steps. A better way is to picture a jigsaw puzzle.

Every piece of the puzzle relates to every other piece. Nothing is separate or stand-alone, everything effects everything else, they help to complete one another. And as we put the pieces in place you begin to see the picture for yourself.

Here we bring Parts 1 and 2 together.

With the objective clearly defined we loop back to CONTROL. Put simply, you match your thinking to the outcome you desire.

This is a serious challenge, but controlling and directing your thinking is imperative for Ultra-Performance. And at the same time we learn to practice eternal vigilance against any thinking that conflicts with you achieving the golf you desire.


All great athletes and performers use mental rehearsal to great effect. Some are exacting and deliberate, others just do it naturally. Name the best in any sport and you can be sure, they all mentally rehearsed their greatest victories long before they ever happened.

The process involves closing your eyes and taking your mind into the future; imagining situations you’ll meet, decisions you’ll take and actions you’ll make. Mentally planning your choices and focusing your mind on rehearsing doing what you plan to do, i.e. playing at your best and beyond.

Mental Rehearsal has numerous applications. Even just ‘playing about’ with this tool (20 minutes focused M.R. every other day) and you’ll be amazed at the difference when the pressure comes on.

In our 2021 Ultra-QLG Courses together we will find all the right applications for you and your game.

This tool has incredible potential and I will be encouraging and coaching you to utilise it with great effect.

Ultra-Performance Golf

Golf is a brain and the best say it’s 80-90% mental. But even if golf is only 50% mental (never mind 80-90%), to neglect to train the brain is to turn down opportunity.

Ultra-QLG is a ground-up, foundations first, comprehensive and systematic approach to developing the strongest brain game possible

The purpose of this course is to begin equipping you with the mental skill-sets that will enable you to perform at the limit of your capabilities, and beyond.

The question is: how far would YOU like to take YOU?

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