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Quantum Leap Golf ONLINE


You are always in the process of creation.
And the game never stops.

In the next 24 hours your body will make 50 billion new cells. Some of your new cells will emerge and grow to full maturity – 40,000 working parts – in less than 3 seconds.

Each new cell will be an individual life form. And that life will be dedicated to scanning the environment where it lives – your body – for signals. And those signals will tell it what to do and what to make.

The way you perceive, think or feel about any situation will cause your brain to produce and release chemicals into your body. These chemical signals will be read and interpreted by the cell, and that’s how it knows what to do and what to make.

The best signal is a clear one, based on trust and belief. And when you believe and perceive something as possible, something that you can do, your brain will send signals to make that something happen.

If you perceive something as difficult or not possible, even impossible, you’ll create signals that will produce the same.

You get to choose:

Have Complete Trust in your swing and Total Belief in your ability.

Or a mind distracted by over-analysis and filled with all the things you don’t want to happen. Resulting in a body built from tension, doubt and apprehension.

You are in control, if you choose to be. But remember you’re always in the process of creation, and the game never stops.

Your own beliefs are selecting and activating your genes, and (believe it or not) if you don’t have the right genes to do the job, your beliefs will rewrite your genes in effort to achieve it.

Perception controls genetic expression and Total Belief will allow you to do things that previously would have been impossible.

Belief literally changes who you are. You might look the same from the outside, although you probably won’t. But your abilities and capabilities are changed at a cellular and atomic level.

It is incredible to me to think that you and I are literally shaping ourselves with our thoughts in real time.

You and your body will produce nearly 50,000,000,000 new cells today.

The question is: what are YOU making?

QLG: Power. Performance. Possibility.

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