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QLG: A Quantum Leap in Performance

Greater Golf: 6 of 6

"We play golf because it makes us feel good. Cutting the fairway in two with a beautiful drive, a sweetly struck wedge placing your ball within a few feet, or a long breaking putt dropping in for birdie. It just feels great."


As a QLGOLFER you can look forward to a future of making more great shots, experiencing more pleasure and enjoying even greater satisfaction in your game.

The QLG way will ensure you have all the tools, techniques, trust and belief to make just about anything you want happen in the future of your golf.

The question is: what should your future golf be?
That's something only you can decide, but we'll be guiding your every step of the way.

Here's the first 3 things to think about:

3 levels of outcome focus
1. The Outcome of the Shot
2. The Outcome of the your Day
3. The Outcome for the future of your Golf
The Outcome of the Shot
With CLARITY, CERTAINTY, COMPLETE TRUST and your new simplified Pre-Shot-Routine you'll learn how to create a crystal clear picture of the outcome you wish to achieve from every shot.

Each strike will become more pure and true. And more and more of the shots you design and take, you'll also make. Imagine how good that's going to feel

The Outcome of the your Day
We all know there's no better feeling than knowing you played your best. The feeling of inner satisfaction, a sense of achievement. Bringing all the elements together at exactly at the right moment. Holding it together when the going gets tough and closing out strong.

That's the true prize, and everything that comes with it.

Walking off the course head held high, chest out a little. People in the bar congratulating you on shots made. Feeling great, playing great golf and enjoying each golfing day more than ever.

The Outcome for the future of your Golf
With your potential for greater golf almost limitless, and many years ahead of you, it's time to decide exactly what you do want.

We're talking about a long term vision giving full and due consideration to all elements of your golfing experience.

How do you want the future of your golf to be? How will it look, how will you feel, where will you play. What will you win?

Cutting the fairway in two with your beautiful drive, sweetly struck wedges placing you within a few feet, and long breaking putts dropping in for birdie.

You're gonna feel great.

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