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Progress Curves, Breaking Through and Quantum Leaps in Performance

In golf you’re always making a progress curve.

And there’s no standing still, you’re either going up or you’re going down.

Here you see some typical progress curves produced by golfers over time.

This graph shows the amount of progress you made in any given period of time.

To begin with progress is slow. But as you learn the game and get the hang of it, you start to make more progress, but it takes you less time.

Over time the curve flattens out and progress becomes minimal.

But that's only natural.

Minimal progress effects confidence. You begin to question yourself and start to lose trust in your swing.

It goes against instinct, but in the end you get negative progress.

In your search to improve, at some point you may decide it’s time to go back to basics and rebuild your swing.

You WON'T BE THE FIRST GOLFER TO become all technical and in the process ruin your own perfectly good, natural swing.

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