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QLG: A Quantum Leap in Performance

Stress or Eustress?


  1. a pressure or tension exerted on a material object.
  2. a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or demanding circumstances. 

Fear, anxiety, pressure. And their relatives. They all have the same effect.

The body goes into stress mode. And in attempt to help you cope, your brain will release a cocktail of 1200 and more chemicals into your body

In a life or death situation that’s great, but on course it spells disaster.

What’s actually happening?

The release of these stress hormones has a profound effect.

Blood is first pumped out of the viscera (your vital organs) and into your arms and legs. Your brain then becomes starved of blood and oxygen as the stress hormones signal it to move into survival mode.

Sounds brutal but we’re designed to do this for a few minutes or so. But over prolonged periods of time the effect is devastating.

Stress creates tension in the real sense. Tightened posture, reduced flexibility. Perceptions become distorted, judgement less accurate, decision making can be poor and indecisive.

Breathing often becomes shallow and so you get starved of oxygen too. The heart beats faster, the muscles contract, you tighten up and become less fluid.

Maybe you can learn to cope with it. But maybe there’s a better way.

Changing your thinking

Re-label stress as eustress. The term consists of the Greek prefix eu meaning ‘good’. So the literal meaning of eustress is ‘good stress’ – a stress that is healthy, or gives one a feeling of fulfilment or other positive feelings.

Satisfaction, accomplishment, to be greater than the circumstances you find yourself in. Eustress is a stimulus for growth and development.

Instead of being totally invested in every shot, we see them as part of a bigger picture of development.

The Quantum Leap Golfer takes the rough with the smooth, good shots bad shots, all the same. We have the attitude that every mistake tells us something. It’s all information that can be used to systematically build the strongest game possible.

Our programs start at only £99.oo. You owe it to yourself and the game.

Quantum Leap Golf | Change Your Thinking
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