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QLG: A Quantum Leap in Performance


“Golfers stop progressing, lose confidence, become all technical and ruin their natural swing. But if you want to get back to a playing like a kid again, I have the ‘Elixir of Golf’ and it cures all – would you like some?”

‘The Elixir of Golf’ – Those are the words of the first ever Quantum Leap Golfer

A PGA AA Professional with over 30 years experience in the game.

He was overcome with swing thoughts, instructions and other forms of thinking that prevented him from playing greater golf.

After just 3 weeks playing Quantum Leap Golf he spoke excitedly…

“I thought things were supposed to take a long time in golf? But you knew this was gonna happen? Didn’t you?”


We don’t know how long it will take. But we do know that every golfer who put their trust in us has had it repaid many times over.

If you’re looking for the next level, experiencing inconsistency in your game or have hit the wall.

Now is the time to try something different: put your trust in your swing and faith in QLG.


There is one thing for sure: If you continue to do more of the same, you are guaranteed more of the same results.

Just as you have limitless positive potential. You also have the same potential for more frustration, more doubt, more analysis and even more harsh self-criticism.

But all that can change, by changing your thinking.

Quantum Leap Golf is the ‘Elixir of Golf’ and it cures all – would you like some?

QLG: Power. Performance. Possibility.

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