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The Golfing Mind – How to tap into your true potential

You have conscious mind and subconscious operating system

And in golf each has its own role to play

Let’s look at the detail

Your subconscious mind is at least 1,000,000 times more powerful than your conscious mind. It’s capable of processing 20 to 40 million bits of information every second.

The subconscious is incredibly powerful, but it does think. It processes, stores information and executes orders. In the computing sense it learns and runs programmes.

In contrast the conscious brain processes 20 bits of information every second.

In golf the first role of the conscious mind is to teach the subconscious. But a better word would be programme.

You consciously study the mechanics of swing, through analysis you gain understanding and through repetition you consciously learn the skills you need. 

But once the conscious mind has uploaded the programme, at that point the conscious mind needs to forget about swing mechanics and develop trust in the subconscious.

Do this, do that. It is how your subconscious learns but it’s not how it functions.

It might be a million times more powerful but you have to know how to use it, or the potential remains untapped.

Going on course with a head full of swing thoughts is asking for trouble

Imagine building a racing car; you design and build and then you trust you did it right and take it out for a test drive. You don’t get out of the car every 10 yards to check it’s ok, do you.

You may make mental analysis and notes as you drive (to consider later) but mostly you concentrate on enjoying the drive.

Same in golf: The role of the conscious mind then becomes: shot analysis, creativity, self-management, having fun and enjoying your golf.

You must remove the anchor of swing thoughts or you can never realise your true potential.

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