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QLG: A Quantum Leap in Performance
STEP ONE - Learn to TRUST your SWING

All those hours at the practice range, studying your swing, gaining understanding and perfecting your technique. You have equipped yourself with all the skills you could ever need.

Now all you need do is focus on where you want the ball to go and have trust enough to know that your body will make it happen.

And when you do learn to trust your swing. When you stop trying to control it. Something unexpected is going to happen.

It will become more controllable. More reliable. More predictable. More precise.


The Phase 3 Coaching Programme is designed to help you make the transition from swing thoughts and technical instructions, to OUTCOME FOCUS and TRUST.

Focus on the outcome you require, see the shot perfectly in your mind, get that feeling of confidence, clarity, certainty and belief. And as the feeling peaks you simply let it rip.

Learn to TRUST your swing and you’ll be rewarded with a much better rhythm and a more natural tempo. And may be surprised to find…the less you try to control, the more feel and control you will experience.

Replace swing thoughts and instructions with trust and you’ll be amazed with the transformation.

As for the question of when to make the switch?

If what you’re reading here rings true – you’re ready…

QLG: Power. Performance. Possibility.

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