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QLG: A Quantum Leap in Performance

Greater Golf: 4 of 6

"Belief changes who you are and what you're capable of. You might look the same from the outside, although you probably won’t. But when it comes to your golf you'll be a completely different person."

Trust and belief - expectation equals outcome

When QUANTUM LEAP GOLFERS address the ball they have Complete Trust and Total Belief.

They know their beliefs and expectations about the outcome of the shot, are the key factors in actually defining that outcome.

They know that what goes on in their minds, will be reproduced in their play. And what goes on in their minds in between the shots is just as important.

Belief equals Ability and Expectation equals Outcome
Whether it's doubt about the shot in front of you. Doubt about your ability as golfer. Or doubt about the quality of your swing.

Your expectations. What you think is going to happen. What you choose to believe and perceive about you and your golf.

Right or wrong, whether you know it or not. That is your level. And what you're expecting to happen is exactly what's going to happen.

How to gain trust and develop belief
First you decide to try something new and different (the idea that your swing might just be good enough).

Following that you put your trust in something (your swing) and somebody (AP O'Neill - QLGOLF) and you find that it actually works for you. Trust begins to build.

Next you try it again, and this time it works even better. New ways of thinking, lead to new results. Promises and guarantees that were made are exceeded, and that builds even greater trust.

Then after just a few short weeks you begin to believe in yourself. And that is a game changer. You might look the same from the outside, but when it comes to your golf you'll be a completely different person.

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