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QLG: A Quantum Leap in Performance

What is performance?

All your talents and all your skills, altogether, at precisely the right moment.

Performance is the ability to produce your best, right on cue, regardless of circumstances.

Performance requires no excuses and permits no alibis, it speaks for itself.

Golf is a brain game

I’m sure you’ve heard the great Jack Nicklaus: golf is 80% mental, 10% ability and 10% luck. Arnold Palmer said it was 90% mental, but added that you sure as hell better have the other 10%.

Tiger tells us that he calms himself down and uses his mind as his main asset. The man himself Mr Bobby Jones made it simple to understand: the most important inches are the ones between your ears.

But for me no one puts it better than Gary Player: golf is a brain game and the man with the best mind wins – simple.

And you may say that’s fine and dandy for them to say – brilliant swings and all. But in doing so you miss a crucial point: golf does not become a brain game when you reach a certain level (although at the very highest level you’ll need even more mind power), it is a brain game from day one. 

You compete against yourself, against your own potential. It is about producing (performing) to the level of ability that is great for you. Performance is all relative, different for different people at different points in life.

So it matters not what point in life you are, if you want to up your level: listen to what the greats have to say, and then follow their advice.

Put simply, train your brain.

Ultra-Performance Golf

The word ‘ultra’ comes from Latin, where it has the meaning “located beyond, on the far side of:” also used to mean “carrying to the furthest degree possible:” ultra-marathon; ultra-athlete; ultra-golfer.

An Ultra-Golfer performs at the limit of their capabilities. And then they take that limit and extend it beyond. No stone is left unturned in their pursuit of performance, every asset is not only brought to bear, it is pushed and trained to the limits.

And as you know, that means training your brain. Because even if golf is only 50% mental (never mind 80-90%), to neglect to train the brain is to turn down opportunity.

The Mission of Quantum Leap Golf is to Coach and Brain Train Golfers to level new levels of performance.

Ultra-Performance Golf is the subject of our 2021 Courses. More information here.

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